Future Plans for Pie Town

Future PlansPie Town Rising Stars is working to accomplish these things:

  • Solicit donations from private individuals, corporations, and government.
  • Raise funds by creating and operating an astronomy based event to follow with the existing Pie Festival in the form of a “Pie in the Sky Star Party” to compete with the currently popular “Texas Star Party”. The proximity to a large town (Albuquerque), the dark skies, and the uncrowded quiet of Pie Town makes it ideal to cater to astronomers the world over and has clear advantages over the Texas site.
  • Restore Pie Town’s infrastructure, such as water service, roads, park and community center.
  • Purchase land and historic buildings to preserve the town’s history and small-town feel.
  • Create and operate a tourist destination leveraging the town’s historic past and unique characteristics to bring attention to the area and create jobs and spur intelligent controlled growth.
  • Operate an art gallery where the works of local artists are displayed and sold, with a portion of the proceeds going to the non-profit. This will empower and assist artists that are currently residents, and will attract more artists to live and create art in the very affordable Pie Town area.
  • Organize and restore two historic aspects of the Pie Festival that were lost for various reasons, but will dramatically improve the appeal and the number of nights visitors stay in the area:
    • The “Fiddle Contest” will be restored, attracting musicians from around the world to come and play and compete.
    • The Pit BBQ will again feed thousands of guests with Pie Town’s own unique cowboy recipes.
    • Will attract visitors and residents who love old-west history by purchasing and restoring historic buildings in the area and making them open to tours.
    • Will build needed structures, in part, using re-discovered earth-building technologies, along with partial solar and wind power, making the community a showcase for the popular energy independence and earth building movements.
    • Will attract general tourists by operating a museum that will feature old-west and nostalgic “Route 66” artifacts and will sell souvenirs to help raise funds.
  • Attempt to work together with the current attractions to improve the overall guest experience:
    • DanCyn Windmill Museum
    • Lightning Fields
    • Pie Town Rodeo Association
  • In addition to the two current restaurants, over time will attract or operate the necessary businesses and services to make Pie Town an attractive tourist destination, such as:
    • An old-west petting zoo
    • Horseback rides
    • An old-west/vintage themed gas station/c-store
    • A coffee shop that serves pies and coffee every day – serving pies purchased from the two current Pie Town restaurants. Acts as a promotional tool and helps fight the current “always closed” reputation of Pie Town.
    • A small grocery store.
    • An old-west themed saloon with regular live country/western music entertainment and dancing
    • A motel with 30 rooms
    • A biker hangout, with parking for dozens of motorcycles, open grills, “biker chow”, bike
  • And will eventually host a multiple day “Ride the Driveway” cattle drive with real cows, real cow-boys and guests mounted on horses retracing the steps of the historic Cattle Driveway, spending the night eating authentic cowboy grub and sleeping under the stars. contests, and other features known to be loved by bikers.

And, the Pie Town community benefits from:

  • Funding to maintain and improve infrastructure, such as water and waste services
  • Control and manage growth so that the town can become prosperous, yet remain small, charming, clean, relatively crime free, quiet and uncrowded.
  • Increased property values
  • Property taxes paid to the county and state will increase
  • The Pie Town area will become a popular tourist destination, bringing money into Pie Town, New Mexico and the local community.
  • New jobs will be created.
  • New jobs will attract new residents.
  • New residents means improving Fire and EMS services
  • Providing funding to improve the Community Center, including building a commercial kitchen
  •  Build and operate a Senior Center offering community, free meals and basic medical care
  • Provide free vocational training to local youth to help them fill the needed services in Pie Town and the surrounding areas.
  • The new traffic into Pie Town will increase traffic on Hwy 60 benefitting other communities on that highway.
  • This model for restoring a historic town to a prospering tourist destination can be used for other towns in New Mexico and beyond.

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