Restoring Pie Town

Pie Town Gas Station
Future Restored Vintage Gas Station

Pie Town is a small historic town balanced on the Continental Divide in southwest New Mexico. Its unique name hints to its humble beginnings back in the days of the old-west as a pie-serving rest stop for cowboys, later to become a destination for dust bowl refugees, then booming yet again as a prosperous agricultural center.

Pie Town, at one time had a Post Office, Two Restaurants, a School, a Gas Station, a Grocery Store, and a Gift Shop.

Sadly prosperity has been absent for fifty years. These days only a hand full of residents live there, and two small restaurants serve pie to the occasional curious driver travelling on highway 60.


Using funds raised with the “Pie in the Sky” Star Party, we hope to restore many of Pie Town’s historic buildings and businesses and make Pie Town a friendly and popular tourist destination. Please consider making a donation to help Pie Town. Or come and visit the annual Pie Festival, which is our main Pie Town fundraiser.

With revenue from the “Pie in the Sky” Star Party and with revenues earned from the new Tourist Destination program, we hope to restore and build infrastructure such as water and waste services, and parks. We also hope to someday build our own senior center, and fully staff our emergency services to build a foundation for new jobs an a prosperity not seen here in forty years.


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